INSYST SERVICE SC provides high quality service, fully consistent with service policy, terms and conditions of the manufacturers.

Main purpose of the team INSYST SERVICE SC is continuously improving the quality of after-sales services and offering comprehensive maintenance and service of equipment purchased under the same or better warranty conditions offered by the manufacturers.

Servicing during this period is the principle "claim-change", ie Claims shall be made in immediate replacement of the device or unit if the damage can not be removed immediately.

Ability to maintain such a service policy ensures constant stocks in the warehouse and long-term relationships with suppliers, and the high reliability of the technique - less than 1% Returns in the warranty period.

Service procedure is hierarchical and is managed and controlled centrally. Complaints are monitored by the respective registration number of requests for this and results relevant diary.

The Service center have detailed service log which contains information for applications, diagnose problems, tests, replacement parts and repairs carried out.

Maintenance and servicing is performed on call at the client. If the fault can not be repaired on-site servicing of equipment is done for service observing deadlines for removal of damage, such as transport and any additional costs are borne by the INSYST SERVICE SC.

Service calls are received every day from 9.00 to 18.00. Central service has a "hotline" call in overtime.

Removal of faults is performed by authorized service specialists INSYST SERVICE SC who diagnose the problem and take concrete decisions on removal.

INSYST SERVICE SC offer the following services:

· Design and implementation of corporate information systems;

· Supply, installation and system maintenance of RISK and Intel-based servers, workstations, storage systems;

· Delivery, warranty and service of PC systems, notebooks, system boards, monitors, disk drives, peripherals;

· CAD / CAM / CAE system solutions;

· LAN, WAN, WiFi hardware;

· Design, development and implementation of computer networks;

· Installation of a system, system and application software;

· Installation, start up and maintenance of powerful corporate UPS (5kVA - 1000kVA) and air conditioning systems for computer rooms and clean rooms;

· Engineering and consulting activities.